Alf–How did it all end?

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Ever so often you think about an old TV show and search your mind for how it all ended. I was scanning channels the other  day when I stumbled on “ALF”. You remember Alf right? kinda? Most likely you do. Alf was an extraterrestrial stranded on earth. He ended up living with a family, having zany adventures and nearly eating cats on a weekly basis.

I watched Alf when I was younger yet I couldn’t remember how it ended.  A handy dandy search later now I actually do.  The final episode of Alf finds him in the ETesque spot of finally getting/receiving a signal from his family and trying to get home. We come so close to this appropriate and final end of the show when FBI agents rush in to take ALF hostage. Check out the full video below.Then the show ends.

Can you believe that? That was the end. Due to a variety of reasons Alf was never brought back on air. Although there was a movie it did not continue this story line and we are left with the thought that Alf was sliced open and studied.

The hope is that perhaps an army of Earth cats rescue Alf and take him to his family so they can rid the world of his cat eating menace thus Alf lives happily ever after.  Though he’s probably still in Roswell to this day. TV movie anyone? Surely the actors who , as gossip says, hated working with him is willing to work with a lovable puppet once more. No? Ahh well on the slab in Roswell it is for Alf.

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