Two Guys, a Girl and a Blog is run by three friends who met in college, Matthew, Nicholas, and Bunnyfear. We built this site to share our love for TV with other lovers of TV. If you love TV, this site is for you to share your thought

s and feelings with a community of people that love TV too.

Expertise: Comedies, dramadies, cult TV shows.

Interests: Playing guitar, music in general, TV and movies.

Dislikes: The word “sandwhich”, most CBS shows.

Current favorite shows: House, Eureka, Weeds, Heroes, the Office, Bones.



Expertise: 1 hour comedies, 1hr highschool sci-fi/horror dramadies

Interests: webdesign/css, writing, music, xB0x, Bioshock and more. He is currently really looking forward to Bioshock Infinite. He also loves Bon Iver.

Dislikes: Right now it’s Glee. I turned to my wife one day and said, “I’m done with this show” and we haven’t watched it since.

Current favorite shows: Breaking Bad, Parks & Recreation, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries (see Expertise)

Guilty Pleasure: The Finder & Terra Nova (i know, i know it’s crap)



TV Bunny

Expertise: HBO, chick shows that don’t suck it hard, & knowing which shows will tank.

Interests: Stuff

Dislikes: amputated endings, shows with promise failing me miserably, the fact that Joss Whedon has nothing on the air right now and the CW…it knows why.

Current favorite shows: The Daily Show, Entourage, Psych, Big Love, Burn Notice, Grey’s Anatomy, How I met your mother & The Office.


Additionally we have guest writers who post their thoughts on a variety of subjects. These writers include:

Just Hector

Favorite TV Shows Include: Firefly, L.A. Law, Monk , Model Latina and Dog the Bounty Hunter

Favorite TV Writer: Tim Minear

Amy Ferrari

Favorite Shows Include:Real Sex, G-String Divas,¬† Girls Next Door, Jenna Jameson’s search for the next porn star

Favorite TV Writer: I like reality TV

Amber Mae

Favorite Shows Include: TBA

Favorite TV Writer:TBA

Favorite TV Musical: TBA

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